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Movie Review: Inception - The Power Of Dreams

Movie: Inception (2010)
Starring: Leonardo Dicaprio, Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy & Marion Cotillard
Writer & Director: Christopher Nolan

With Inception writer/director Christopher Nolan gets very ambitious, setting his sights on the ethereal world of dreams. In so doing he has created a masterful blend of action, suspense and psychological thriller. This movie aims to hit on all levels and succeeds on most counts. Leonardo Dicaprio plays Cobb an agent who's job it is to extract information from others. He does so by trapping his targets in what is called a "shared dream". Because of his work he has lost everything he loves and desperately wants it back. After a botched extraction he is offered his chance to get it back through "inception". The opposite of extraction it involves implanting an idea into someone's sub-conscious. Cillian Murphy plays Robert Fischer Jr. the man being set up for inception. It seems the fate of multi-billion dollar companies lies in his hands. Cobb assembles his team for his last mission but he also has a dark secret which threatens to derail the project.

The movie starts out slowly as we the audience must learn the rules of the game of entering someone else's sub-conscious. These can get a complicated but you can tell that Christopher Nolan is truly fascinated with dreams and the dream state. I will not go into detail about how it all works except to say that a lot of thought has gone into it and many ideas are taken from what people really experience in dreaming. Others are pure fantasy because there is not currently any way to enter another person's dream. The movie is really at it's strongest when exploring the idea of reality versus dreams and how our minds work. The action sequences while well done are undercut by the idea that what we are watching is actually a dream and so the danger is in a way limited. The psychological drama however is very well done especially for Cobb and Robert Fischer Jr.

Leonardo Dicaprio gives a standout performance. At first his character may seem one dimensional. By the end of the film however, it becomes clear that his storyline is the heart of the film. Cillian Murphy also does a good job with a challenging character to play. It is truly fascinating to see the psychological changes that he goes through. All the supporting actors do a good job as well although their characters aren't as fleshed out. Ellen Page is the only one who I felt didn't really seemed to be up to par with the other actors. She is given many of the tough lines in the movie and sometimes she really doesn't pull it off.

Overall this is a great film that ambitiously tries to tackle the world of dreams. A cerebral and visceral experience this movie will stay with you for a while. No expense was spared in creating a visually spectacular but in the end human story that explores many themes. Experience this one in theaters on the big screen. You can buy Inception on Blu-ray or DVD from our store.

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September 8, 2010 at 4:45 AM

Hey you blog is too good. Useful information provided about the movies. Inception is seriously a masterpiece of this summer. Well written, directed, choreographed, everything is just perfect. Thanks a lot for sharing the information.

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