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Movie Review: Jurassic World - Expect The Expected

Jurassic World Official Poster

Starring: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard
Director: Colin Trevorrow

Jurassic World is set 22 years after the original film. Somehow in that time the dream of first films was realized. The film doesn't explain how this happened we just know that the park is now up and running. Leading the project is Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) a career focused woman who sees the Dinos at the park as corporate assets instead of living breathing animals. This corporate greed motivates the main story of the film. To keep the park attractive to tourist new Dinos must keep being introduced. Eventually the scientist decide to come up with a creature that never even existed that they call Indominus Rex. Basically Indominus Rex is a bigger, badder version of the T Rex from the original movies. When the Indominus Rex begins exhibiting strange behavior, Owen (Chris Pratt) the park's resident hero and animal expert is called in for consultation. As you may have guessed things soon go terribly wrong.

The main thing lacking in this film is any originality. Most of the films ideas seemed to have been lifted from the other films. They simply try to one up the other films in terms of special effects and action. It's like Jurassic Park 2.0 more than a sequel with it own story and characters. As an example like the first film we again have two children who get lost in the park at exactly the wrong time. This time it is Claire's nephews who are making a visit to the park. In the first film the kids were a little too precocious at times, in this one they are just not very likable at all. They mostly serve as a reason for Claire and Owen to venture into the park together. The only truly likable character is Owen. Basically he gets to be the action star version of Sam Neil and Jeff Goldblum's characters from the first film. He gets to point out when the other characters are being foolish with sarcastic comments and one liners. Bryce Dallas Howard gives a fine performance as Claire but the role is very predictable. Claire goes from closed off career woman to down to earth heroine. Of course she also falls in love.

All the negatives aside though the movie does manage be fun and entertaining. The special effects are quite impressive, bringing to film some spectacular new creatures that fans of the series will enjoy. The tweaked soundtrack is different enough to be interesting while still retaining that nostalgic feeling from the first films. The actions scenes are big and suspenseful but not always logical or realistic.

Jurassic World is exactly what people have come expect from a sequel like this. A slightly different take on story that has already been told. With beefed up special effects and action to satisfy the masses. On those counts Jurassic World delivers.

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